Monday, December 17, 2007

Assessment part 2

Well, it has been and gone. I felt that it was not brilliant and I could and should have done better. BUT I passed.
There was a written test of 75 questions with a passmark of 75% and three practical assessments:-
A resus using AED and BVM
A medical condition that we had to diagnose and get a history for.
finally a trauma where we had to treat and load.
Both of the last two we had to do a handover for.
24 hours later I was asked if I could do a shift on support duty for the local ambulance service, nothing like going straight in at the deep end.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, after the months of waiting it's here. Sunday I have to do my IHCD assessment to be BRC ambulance crew. Part of me thinks that I have done it all in training and should be OK, however a much bigger part is thinking "Run away and hide" I am honestly bricking it, I can feel my stomach cramping up even just typing this. I just hope that on the day I will be calm and perform as well as I can, my real fear is doing the hard things right and messing up on the basics

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's this EAR

A plea for help.
I have not been writing much as my BRC ambulance assessment is coming up soon, however one thing has me puzzled. The IHCD manual, when talking about drowning says to get the pt on O2 or EAR whilst still in the water if necessary, however in it's normal really helpful way it does not explain what EAR is. Any ideas?

Friday, October 19, 2007


Don't you just love 'em?
Went today as I have been getting quite severe pain on the medial aspect of my right knee when driving. The GP told me very condescendingly that there was no crepitus, no heat and no sign of a bakers Cyst, all of which was blindingly obvious. He decided the pain was "mechanical" in nature and the answer was to stop driving! Not that easy for anyone but as a volunteer ambulance crew............
In the end the best I could get were some painkillers which I don't really want as they will just let me mangle it further without knowing and a vague promise to refer me to "A department" if there is no change in a month or so.

Anyone know how to change your GP?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The other day as I was watching something on TV where a doctor was taking blood samples and the patient said "I have got to look away" commented to my wife why do people do that? Her reply amazed me. "I do, because it hurts so much" Bear in mind that she has just given her 75th donation of blood! I on the other hand don't feel bothered by watching a medical professional sticking a needle in me and will quite happily watch the whole process, in fact I think it hurts less if you watch as you know what is coming.
It set me thinking about the pain score system we use. I suppose that it is a measure of how the person feels but if they have never felt strong pain then will they rate mild pain higher? Is the watch/look away thing above gender based? Is there any evidence that athletes have a higher or lower tolerance to everyday pain?

Friday, September 14, 2007

To Hell in a Hand cart

I can feel a Grumpy old man rant coming on here.
How can a Tee shirt be cheaper than a Yoghurt? Brand new unworn Tee shirts 3 for a quid in Shelter shop. Yoghurt 52 pence in Tesco.
How can kids have a degree but don't know how many inches in a foot or work out 8X12 without a calculator?
Why can't we have an adults only night in supermarkets?
Why do coffin dodgers always go in the shops at lunchtime and then dawdle about?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

People who annoy me

I suppose it is probably most of them really, but some highlights.
The local High St was taped off by the police due to a fire. Trumpton were there wearing breathing apparatus. Muppett complaing in loud voice, How much bloody longer will it be shut.
The prats at Reading who couldn't be bothered to walk another 15 feet to use the urinal weeing up the wall instead meaning the rest of us had to wade through a lake of pee-mud.