Friday, October 19, 2007


Don't you just love 'em?
Went today as I have been getting quite severe pain on the medial aspect of my right knee when driving. The GP told me very condescendingly that there was no crepitus, no heat and no sign of a bakers Cyst, all of which was blindingly obvious. He decided the pain was "mechanical" in nature and the answer was to stop driving! Not that easy for anyone but as a volunteer ambulance crew............
In the end the best I could get were some painkillers which I don't really want as they will just let me mangle it further without knowing and a vague promise to refer me to "A department" if there is no change in a month or so.

Anyone know how to change your GP?

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ecparamedic said...

Three choices, ask to transfer to another GP in the same practice, walk into another practice and register or, as the advice impacts upon your life/work, request a second opinion from a specialist.